How we work

As a group of marketeers with different backgrounds, we flexibly apply the expertise you need to suit the scope of your project. We don’t act as consultants, but we take ownership to run an agreed project and to deliver results. We bring additional expertise and resource to your valuable in-house team, helping to turn your strategies into effective marketing actions.

Our business principles are:

• We don’t charge our customer for every hour we’re thinking.  We agree on a realistic fee per project or assignment.

• We communicate effectively with our customers, without driving up their bill through endless face-to face meetings and brainstorming sessions. We believe in communicating through new media and travel only when it clearly adds value.

• We love short-term results-focused assignments, but only if they support the long-term objectives.

• We utilise proven methodologies, but apply a simple, customised approach that works for our customer.

• We agree on clear objectives to deliver results.