About YARP

YARP Marketing Services is a collaboration of independent marketing and communications professionals located in The Netherlands, all with more than ten years’ experience in various marketing fields, in international environments. All of us have worked for large international organisations as well as for small entrepreneurial companies. All of us are experienced in managing teams and running complex projects. We all have been through enough start-ups, reorganisations, budget cuts and professional ups and downs to reach our professional maturity.

We know that making clear choices, focusing on a few significant business objectives and a consistent and disciplined execution are the key to effective marketing. A marketing effort worth every Euro spent.

Our fields of expertise include: marketing communications strategy, product marketing, content marketing, cross-media communications, PR, trade shows, product launch and market entry strategy for international markets.

Aleksandra Boers-Pyra, Founder YARP Marketing Services

Aleksandra Boers-Pyra
Founder YARP Marketing Services