Effective marketing starts with knowing your customer

Every company wants to sell more products to more customers. Business owners though, are often sceptical about the role of marketing in helping it happen effectively.

YarpMarketing_Know your customers The rapidly growing number of available marketing communication tools often confuses our choice, making us struggle with what to focus on. There are lots of reports and marketing experts out there, all suggesting the best ways to increase your sales. While trying to catch up with all the possible choices, let’s make sure most effort is spent on understanding the customer including his channel behaviour, not the channel itself.

Understanding the customer remains the first step towards an effective marketing, no matter the tools. Without a well-defined customer profile it will be impossible to formulate a truly meaningful solution to his needs and to initiate a dialogue in relevant communication channels. Identifying the few most powerful channels to focus on, combined with a relevant content is the best guarantee to get better return on our marketing investment.